iNSECT RADIO #27 House Shoes "The First 10 Years Of The iN" Mix
    Artwork by Laurel Barickman at Recspec.

    (direct DL here)
    Available on Cassette here:

(iN)Sect Records out of Austin, TX, are currently celebrating our 13th year of putting out experimental/hip-hip/punk rock/noise music in the form of vinyl, Flexi-disc, frisbee, chip clips, shirts and cassettes.

House Shoes is a Detroit-born producer and DJ, who now lives in Los Angeles and runs the acclaimed record label, Street Corner Music. He has been a friend and supporter of the label for the last decade.

We asked House Shoes if he would be down to mix some songs from the first 10 years of our releases (2008-2018). He turned in an absolute beast of mix to mark a chapter in our history.

This mix of over 30 songs from our catalog includes songs from: J-1 tHE DEER, Ras G, House Shoes, aLive, Sir Froderick, Chanes, SelfSays, Guilty Simpson, Butcher Bear, Kinder, Muamin Collective and more.

Thank y’all for the support.


Kinder - creep
Butcher Bear - ineedyouneedme ft. Sir Froderick
A Better Tomorrow - falling
Lo Phi - Hot
Slautah - Lady Edaz
SelfSays - They Shootin ft. Doc Illingsworth
Butcher Bear - Texas Boys ft. Lo Phi
Multi-Tracker - Sstreeflip
Anthony Maintain - The Wise & The Wisdom (COZMOS REMIX)
Lo Phi - Fucking Clocks
Sir Froderick - itwasntyou
Georgia Anne Muldrow - A Friend
A Better Tomorrow - Magnets
Kev Brown - It Never Ends
Muamin Collective - Midwest Bank
Butcher Bear - This is How the Game gets you Played ft. SelfSays (soundfounder remix)
Audopilots - All Gone
Chanes - Some Things
House Shoes - tHE sKY iS oURS ft. Jimetta Rose
Muamin Collective - J-1 4 theHomie
Chanes - INF
Slautah - Only Yourz
AADM OUR HATLEY - Check The Resume
Audopilots - AnalogHammers
Dakim - fiendstheme
Devonwho - Somethingelseagain
Ras G - Jet Rendered ft. Rogue Venom
KONE - Funk 3482 ft. SelfSays
Ras G - Fried Plantanos
Sampler & Son - Something Always Right About Home
aLive - NES
J-1 aka THE DEER - Slang Talk
Butcher Bear - 1 For J
Guilty Simpson - Closed Curtains ft. Ernest Gonzales
I, Ced - In The Place To Be ft. Quelle Chris & Black Spade
The Vegetable Kingdom - Branes
Atarimatt - Commuter
Computer Jay - The Slapper


    iNSECT Radio #26 VRRNN - "iNSECT Mix - All Originals"
    Photo by: VRRNN
    Layout & Logo by: Michael Scheel

    (direct DL here)
    Available on Cassette here:

VRRNN is a hip hop/electronic producer & performer born in Austin, TX. In this life, he’s 23, he skates and has already found his musical voice. This record is an instrumental beat tape filled with sample chops, loops and knocking drums leading to other worlds in space and time; it’s also a hip hop meditation that reminds us of “Jazz In Silhouette” and “Here We Are”. Pure original and solid the whole way through.

This mix of all original songs is our new podcast and also available on cassette as a limited release through our bandcamp page; we think when you hear this, you’ll understand why we had to make it an artifact.

In another world, he would’ve enjoyed cloaking his origins and development in mystery, would be known to have studied piano early on in Washington, DC. In addition to playing piano in the band he would also serve as one of the staff arrangers. Finding his calling as an arranger, he would put together a band to play his compositions. In the beginning, he would issue recordings of his unusual music, becoming one of the first musicians to record and sell his own albums.

VRRNN Is For the People. Follow him on IG:@_bandemic


3.winter 17’ winter 18’ shoes flip sessions...
5.take a step back
8.lessons learned
10.summer is over.
11.nov10th (ain’t)
14.spirits in the city....
15.1301 shoal creek drive.
17.spirits in the city.
19.move. Accordingly.
20.learn to love yourself.
21.applying the pressure...
22.diamond standard.
23.all for one...
24.the art of giving up. (There is always a tomorrow.)
26.medusas serenade.
27.checking in.... all who hold it down.
29.¡the chambers!
30.burning it with Vrrnn...
31.all you had to do was show up.(Dec10th)
32.sounds of the city. (Vrrnn speaks volumes. Vrrnn is for the people!)

For fans of: David STRAANGE , ohbliv , dakim, AKTR, Sun Ra


    iNSECT RADIO #25 The Heavy Twelves - "Waves From the Dirt"
    Artwork by Andrew Schoultz
    Layout and text by Michael Scheel

    (direct DL here)

A quick note from the band:
This mix takes you on a journey to the land of punk funky psychodelic spacey latin heavy drum music that’s chopped then blended delayed and distorted with no sense of nonsense pop rocker but with a bit of grimey synth size large till your neck sores burst with a little help from our favorite fathers of stank-o-plated whats for dinner kind of beat your weird drums from timeless grimefest wine messed analog sort of push you down some stair way to heaven style exploding status cymbals combined with the middle finger gate keeper we thrashing yo gates type of not giving a bump! (Exploring the sound of “Dirt Wave”, latin psych, loud drums and synthesizers, some old favs and new jams.)


1. Hammer Grime - The Heavy Twelves
2. Freud - La Récré
3. Bionic Palaver - Mr Chop
4. Water into Wine - The Natural Yogurt Band
5. Lovefingers - Silver Apples
6. Monsta Thrash - The Heavy Twelves
7. Sungaligali - Telegraph Avenue
8. Flynamic 44 - Ernie Fresh & Mophono
9. Cuasares - Cuasares
10. Son De Tambor y San Juan - Fuera & Un, Do, Tres
11. Slush Moves - The Heavy Twelves
12. Goons 19 - Tenshun & Mophono
13. Fista Snuff - Mestizo and The Heavy Twelves
14. Como Quisiera Decirte - Los Angeles Negros
15. Roses and Revolvers - Janko Nilovic
16. Psychodelic Vibes - Rhettmatic
17. H12 Remix featuring Rasco by Rivelino
18. Savage - NOIS V
19. Chilli Chicken - JJ Whitefield
20. Fuera de Mi Corazon - Los Salvajes
21. Hypnodroids on Jet Lag - The Black Monologs
22. Psalms by Adrian Younge
23. A Man for Atlantis - Boadcast
24. Turmoil - Ilia Gorovitz
25. Yaaugh - Secret Sidewalk
26. Here I Go (Again) - Citizen Ten featuring DRB
27. You - Samantha Summers
28. Evol - Aguaturbia
29. Far Out - Never Ending Echo
30. Gates of Thrash - The Heavy Twelves


    MiND HIVE Podcast: Episode #1 w/ Matt Sonzala (Pushermania)
    (listen here)

This is a new podcast where (iN)Sect Records label owner, Butcher Bear, interviews some of his close friends and artists he's known for awhile; in a rambling format, normally. in his backyard, in Austin, TX.

This is the first episode of the iNSECT Records 'Mind Hive' podcast with my very special and first guest, Matt Sonzala.
Matt is a wonderful person and always has stories for days. I got to sit down with him twice over the course of the Summer in the year 2017. Hope you enjoy us talking about touring, the Laughing Hyenas, going to shows and booking shows as kids, falling into a radio show, pissing off Atari Teenage Riot and being one of the central figures in connecting people in Houston's hip-hop community to the rest of the world.
- Butcher Bear







    iNSECT RADIO #24 The Deli - "Always Proper"
    Artwork by Emune

    (direct DL here)

The Deli aka David Pryor, is a dope musician living here in Austin that we can't stop listening to. He's originally from a small south Texas town called Harlingen. He's 24 and started producing in his senior year of high school. A pure original, he made this mix of songs from his old crew Always Proper.

His newest project out on Cold Busted this past July is called “Jazz Cat” featuring beats made between 2015-2017. He's also working on “Bumps Tape 2” which he plans to release in late 2018.

He currently has a crew and a record label of his own in the works. Stay tuned to this man.

More Info on what he's up to here:
The Deli on Spotify


1. Emune - Step With
2. Sokro - Tonguez
3. Otesla - Tushami
4. Sensi - Morning Blunt
5. The Deli & Lungfulls - Same Dream
6. 2Late - Cosmic Rays
7. Emune & Juan Rios - Benditos
8. Mujo - Intergalactic Jazz
9. Leaf Beach - Facts
10. Kid Abstrakt & The Deli - Clouds
11. Emune - Get Loose
12. Emune - Toke
13. Sokro - Over
14. Emune & Sumwun - Grind
15. Leaf Beach & Mndbnd - Ebb & Flow
16. Lungfulls - Lately
17. The Deli - Sunshine



    iNSECT RADIO #23 Yimsock - “Growth iN Decay” Vol. 1
    Artwork from Glory, Gold & Glitter

    (direct DL here)

We met James Harcrow aka Yimsock a couple years ago through mutual friends. He runs a small record label here in Austin called Growth In Decay. They’ve put out a really great split tape series called “20/20” with 20 mins of music as well as a tiny split zine. He’s released full-length projects for Swwwisha and for his own Yimsock moniker, as well as split tapes with Mt. Cyanide, Kinder & Lo Phi.

What we’ve been taken with by his music and his label, has been his intricate artwork as well as the care he takes with every release; a fresh breath of air swinging from house to hip hop to deep soul music with his own music as well as his collaborations. He’s creating artifacts to be found next year and thirty years from now. We hope you enjoy the beauty that is Growth iN Decay.

More info on him/them here:


Yimsock - untitled drift 0:00 - 0:44
Mt. Cyanide - me myself and her 0:44 - 1:49
Swwwisha - present 1:50 - 3:15
Yimsock - swerv city 3:16 - 5:11
Kinder - sunbathing 5:12 - 11:23
Swwwisha - vortex 11:24 - 20:36
Yimsock - bobnweave 20:37 - 24:06
Mt. Cyanide - comatoasted 24:09 - 25:59
Swwwisha - こんにちは 26:00 26:30
Dj Screw - stick together 26:31 - 28:22
Kinder - surprise rain 28:23 - 32:34
Yimsock - 132_untitled 32:35 - 35:46
Mt. Cyanide - me myself and them 35:47 -37:51



    iNSECT RADIO #22 - e.react "The Cleveland Tape vol. 2 - Cleveland Proper"
    Artwork from Glory, Gold & Glitter

    (direct DL here)

We met Elijah Vazquez aka e.react by way of Lamont Thomas and his work with OBNOX, along with Aaron aLive and his work with Muamin Collective; all of whom are from Cleveland, Ohio. Most of these artists on the mix have projects up for listening on the Cleveland Tapes website. The production style and amazing amount of originality/creativity residing in the midwest has always been a huge source of influence for us at the iN. "Cleveland Proper" just reaffirms everything we've experienced up until now.


Station ID

e.react - Caligula

Jeff Dixx - Crucial (feat. Square & Jack Burton)
tinderglow - CCC
Leroi da Moor - Bumpy Johnson*
GORK - Beakers (feat. Peerless) *
OBNOX - Pro-Drug Rally
Dookie Behringer - ellow y ^
Erie Johnson - Love (feat. Abyss)
Leroi da Moor - Gordon Parks ~
- Interlude - (feat. LDC)
Erie Johnson - Ascension
Tinderglow - Hot Laundry
GORK - Decade Phasers
LaToya Kent - Sweet Oil*
Jeff Dixx - Pink Residue
Erie Johnson - Bath Salt Teens
Muamin Collective - Round for Round (e.remix)
Peerless - Working Stiffs
Jeff Dixx - Relevant Art (feat. Jack Burton)
Erie Johnson - Pierot
Muamin Collective - Black Satire (feat. Jungle Gym Slim)
Tinderglow - Tha Slow dancer
San Goodee - Leaders…(of the what)~

all tracks produced by e.react except where noted

* - Produced by RAW
^ - Produced by DeLoFi (
~ - Produced by aLiVE (



    iNSECT RADIO #21 - Out of Place "Reaganometry Digital Tape"
    Artwork by Andres Avina
    (direct DL here)

Out of Place moved to Austin from Nashville, TN. The first time we met, he was DJ'ing with a VCR and a reel-to-reel tape deck. He is an MC as well as an amazing producer. This Lp was made entirely from Reaganometry's mix entitled "Thee Perfect High (pts. I&II)" (IRS-050) as the sample source. We've never heard anyone flip sounds like this man. Enjoy.

More info here:


side A

01. intro
02. slip
03. mojo lose
04. you
05. take a lose son
06. star light ride
07. what
08. dance
09. looking right at you
10. wait for the hook
11. thumbin
12. end on that

side B

13. listen
14. ok
15. sudden
16. cut it and loop it
17. dig it
18. winding down
19. sway
20. laid back
21. most likely
22. drum tones
23. drag it out
24. slick
25. outro



    iNSECT RADIO #20
    Selected by Henry Owings "The Chunklet Guide to Firmer Abs and a Lower     
    Bank Account in 30 Days, or Your Money Back"
    A mix for Project Loop
    (direct DL here)

This project brings together so many amazing people in one place. We reached out to Henry Owings (Chunklet/General Amazing Human) for a mix. He sent us some songs as well as a great phone call to Wendy's from his label, Chunklet records and the bear put together this mix. The artists he works with are pure originals and some of our favorites. More info on everything HENRY here:

The only thing he asked was for us to send his money to the fine folks at Project LOOP. We reached out to them and made it happen.

Project LOOP is an ever growing network conceived to benefit youth through lessons in creativity, exercise, and hard work in a real world experience outside the classroom. We believe strongly in what they do. For more info on them go to

After the mix came together, we hit up Tim Kerr to see if he'd be down to do the artwork and he said yes. He is an incredible artist and musician. If you don't know go here:

Listen at a loud volume in a public place, and go PARTICIPATE.


The Corporate Office: Wendy’s
Obnox: Sit Yo Ass Down
Fucked Up: Son of Sam
Man or Astroman?: Chemical Cat
Don Caballero: Schuman Center '91
Cuntz: Beef Week
Survival Knife: Thud of the Jackboot
The Olivia Tremor Control: Suite 1
Tar: Compaction
Mugstar: Goat Head
Part Chimp: The Watcher
Rock*A*Teens: Arm In Arm, In the Golden Twilite, We Loitered On
Thee Speaking Canaries: Paddleford Twins Mail Themselves a Water Balloon!



    iNSECT RADIO #19 - K-Fresh presents "The Demon Within"
    Artwork from Recspec

    (direct DL here)

Our 19th episode is brought to you by a long-time friend and supporter of the label, Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier. We've been constantly looking for tracklists anytime he drops a mix and following links to read every article that pops up with his name on it. He is an advocate for Detroit hip-hop and electronic music as well as having an amazing podcast of his own called Fresh is the Word. A tastemaker in Detroit, he writes about the city's music and culture through projects such as: The Loop Detroit, Real Detroit Weekly, Renaissance Soul Detroit and most recently the Huffington Post. On this mix he takes us on a perfectly frightening journey through his stacks to reveal what's inside.


The Haxan Cloak - Burning Torches Of Despair
ANAMAI - Lucia
The Armed - Dead Actress
Fracture - Gripping Grain ft Sam Binga
Alix Perez - Make it Worth ft. Rashad & Spinn
Tripletrain - Bumbaclottt feat Taso & DJ Earl
Roly Porter - In System
Amon Tobin - In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix)
Nicole Dollanganger - Angels of Porn
Windhand - Forest Clouds
MM - Five Rivers
Kode9 - Respirator
Evian Christ - Fuck It None Of Ya'll Don't Rap
Creeping in the Woods Outro
Dr. Yen Lo - Day 912



    iNSECT RADIO #18 Artificial Earth Machine "Brainwash"
    (direct DL here)

He is one of the nicest guys we know and he is a true original when it comes to music. We asked him for a mix and he's given us a ton of unreleased AEM music as well as a couple loosies.

Benjamin Crowley aka Artificial Earth Machine has been a friend of the iN as well as having a completely original sound that we love. He is a music producer living here in Austin focusing on analog gear and also loves very cute kittens.

Mind-Altering Artwork by Michael Scheel aka Glory, Gold & Glitter
Heat mixed by Artificial Earth Machine


Artificial Earth Machine - Liquidation
Artificial Earth Machine - Cloud Structure
Artificial Earth Machine - Grandfather
Artificial Earth Machine - Highway Hypnosis Ft. Sune
IAYD - Bodied
Click Clack - Fiction
Artificial Earth Machine - Swimming
Artificial Earth Machine - Tech-No
Artificial Earth Machine - Harddrive Death
Artificial Earth Machine - Spacefiller
Tangence - Fights
James Blake - 200 Press
Artificial Earth Machine - Feedback Alliance Volume 14


    iNSECT RADIO #17 Reaganometry "Thee Perfect High"
    (get the DL here)

Reagan VanMatre aka Reaganometry has lived in Texas his whole life. Growing up in Temple, then moving to Austin, he has played in the groups: Attack Formation, BANGAAR and most recently, BOSS EYE as well has honing his own solo production work. He is one of our closest family members and has a ridiculous amount of knowledge when it comes to vinyl. Last time we released a podcast with him, we had Recspec make a video for it. This time we thought we’d make a cassette to go along with this one for those long road trips that you could throw on for hours on repeat.

Reaganometry has put together an incredible mix on cassette with some of his favorites from the massive vinyl library at his place. His house, an east side dwelling once lived in by a local BBQ kingpin. “Thee Perfect High” is also available as a cassette from The cassette is for promotional use only. Play at a loud volume in a crowded place, to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Artwork was made by one of our longtime friends, Kenneth Holland aka Caioneach of Oakland, CA. more info on him at


Side A:
Bob Gibson - the perfect high (baba fats)
New Birth - Epilogue
The Trammps - Our Thought (Slipping Away)
Azymuth - Outubro
Hamilton Bohannon - Gentle Breeze
Mandre - Interlude
Camel - Starlight Ride
Stephanie Mills - Don't Stop Doin' What 'Cha Do
The Mystic Moods Orchestra - The Other Side of Midnight
Michael Schrieve - Music Makers Percussion monologue
The Blackbirds - Dreaming About You
Grover Washington Jr. - Masterpiece
Billy Preston & Syreeta - Watching the Hands of Time
June Millington - When Wrong is Right
Atlantic Starr - With your Love I come Alive
Cuba Gooding - Tell me How Long it's Been
Juicy - Slow Dancing
Tim Weisberg - Fog Spice
Side B:
Switch - A Brighter Tomorrow, Reaching for Tomorrow
Atlantic Starr - (I'll Never Miss) The Love I Never Had
Minnie Ripperton - Rainy Day in Centerville intro ft. Reaganometry
Space - Carry On, Turn Me On
Brick - Summer Heat
Reaganometry - EXP 3000
June Millington - Your Own Way
New Birth - Blind Baby
The Trammps - Mellow Out
Timex Social Club - Only You
Tim Weisberg - Travesty
The Perfect High (reprise)
Pieces of a Dream - Pieces of a Dream
Sheena Easton - When Lightning Strikes
Devadip Calos Santana/Turiya Alice Coltrane - Angel of Water
Michael Schrieve - Music Makers Percussion drum performance
Gap Mangione - Love J.A.M.
Reaganometry - Endgame


    iNSECT RADIO #16 Chief & the Doomsday Device "Strange Transmissions"
    (direct DL here)

Chief has been apart of the Exploded Drawing crew as well as the iN, since the beginning. He is always finding new ways of conjuring the old with the new, flipping it, and creating something altogether original. From a sleepy little town in Texas called San Marcos, he has given us the gift of a mix that contains some of his favorites, a brand new AADM flip and, as usual, gems from the family.

You can follow/listen to him here:


01 Moments (Roger Sellers)
02 A Famous Myth (The Groop)
03 Misfit Therapist (Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice ft. Emcee Eats)
04 Spectre (The Ill Mathematical)
05 Blakey & The Messenger (Anthony Maintain)
06 Sera Sera Jim (Melvin Van Peebles)
07 All Sounds (Lo Phi)
08 Man Is Not A Bird (Broadcast)
09 Slow Death In LA [Pt. 2] (Moodie Black)
10 Frankie Crocker spreaks
11 Star Wind (JayLotus)
12 Walk All Over The Place (Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice)*
13 Mountain Keep (Butcher Bear)
14 Don't Worry So Long (Kinder)
15 Mako (The Ill Mathematical)
16 Tron Song (Thundercat)
*song with elements from Blast The Rim



    iNSECT RADIO #15 Flavour of the Month w/ (iN)Sect Records on NTS Radio;
    Mixed by Wriggly Scott (direct DL here)

We got an email from Wriggly Scott, part of the 'Another Music' collective and co-host with Tim Noakes on the monthly "Flavour of the Month" show on NTS Radio. We sent him ton of music we have put out over the years. What he did on the radio, was a true joy. This mix spans a good majority of all our releases and we're humbled to be asked and we wanted to share it with everyone.

Please go follow him on these sites:

You can listen/download the full radio show here.

Here's the Tracklist from the (iN). Wonderful music was played before and after this part:


16. California Party Girls - I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)
17. Ras-G - Try-Angles
18. Anthony Maintain - The Wise & The Wisdom (Cozmos Remix)
19. Georgia Anne Muldrow - A Friend
20. Kev Brown - It Never Ends
21. House Shoes - Castles ft. Jimetta Rose
22. Slautah - Only Yourz
23. J-1 - Latitude
24. Guilty Simpson - Close Curtains (soundfounder Remix)
25. Chanes - INF
26. Lo Phi - Lets Go
27. Muamin Collective - Midwest Bank
28. Butcher Bear - Maid of Sand
29. Atarimatt - Dirt Windows
30. AADM Our Hately - Check The Resume
31. Audopilots - Analog Hammers
32. Reagonometry & Butcher Bear - GFY
33. Kinder - Koto Winter
34. Sir Froderick - Subtlebeats
35. J-1 - Slang Talk
36. SelfSays ft. Open Mike Eagle - Video Games (Raj Mahal Remix)
37. SelfSays ft. Open Mike Eagle - Not Another Video Game Song
38. Dak - Fiend's Theme
39. Sampler & Son - Something's Always Right About Home
40. A Better Tomorrow - 3 Wheel Motion
41. I, Ced ft. Jimetta Rose - Insanity
42. AADM Our Hatley - Freak Episode
43. Butcher Bear - No Gravestone
44. Lo Phi ft. SelfSays & Yadira Brown - Poolside
45. Soundfounder - Ban Memo Dana



    iNSECT RADIO #14 Sampler & Son "Go Night Night" (direct DL here)

Sampler & Son f/k/a Butcher Bear, lives in Austin, TX and runs (iN)Sect Records. He is also the co-founder of Exploded Drawing, a local showcase for underground music, books a music venue here in town, and enjoys lemonade and ice at the same time. The $&$ songs on this were for an album that will never come out, so he decided to release a few of them via this mix, with the songs that were the influence, included as reference, as well as a couple flips and favorites from our iNSECT Family.

This mix was put together for everyone to revel in those bad days, think sad thoughts, take a nap and generally just get it all out.


Sampler & Son - “Butch Leaves”
Sampler & Son - “Grow Up, Learn”
Lucky Jeremy - “GFY”
A Better Tomorrow - “Water”
Feist - “I Feel It All”
Brainiac - “F*cking With The Altimiter”
Moondog - “All Is Loneliness”
Big Brother & The Holding Company - “All Is Loneliness”
Ras G - “Gravity”
Kinder - “Shallow” (Wave Hands Like Clouds Re-Freak)
Rapeman - “Dutch Courage”
Cat Power - “Crossbones Style”
Sampler & Son - “When It Was The 504”
Flying Lotus & Ahu - “Roberta Flack” (1st Version)
Muamin Collective - “J-1 4 tHE Homie”
SelfSays - “Sleeves”
Butcher Bear - “GEAUX HEAUXM” (unreleased)
Lo Phi - “WhereAreYou”
Sampler & Son - “Auntie’s Lock” (FlyLo Cover)
soundfounder - “Texas Sleep Medicine”
Reaganometry - “Slow Drip”
Slautah - “Lady Edaz”
Chanes - “Some Things”
Van Morrison - “Here Comes The Night"

All original songs by Sampler & Son available for
Free DL at
"Go Night Night" EP



    iNSECT RADIO #13 Raj Mahal "Rubai" (direct DL here)

Raj Mahal lives in Chicago now, originally from the Detroit area, and was introduced to us via our friend Charles aka SelfSays. He produces hip hop that slapped the wall every time the snare doors and shakes your insides when the bass kicks. He sent us a couple songs they did together and we were completely floored. We asked him for some music, he sent this mix with the note: "songs and my own tracks and flips, what ever may come to your mind if you want to use it or not"

We will be releasing a cassette for Raj this year, when he's ready. Enjoy the Heat.


1: impetus (Raj Mahal)
2. Hangin' Downtown (Cameo)
3. Public Enemy #1 (James Brown) / Two Six Eye (Raj Mahal {flip})
4. Watch (Raj Mahal)
5 We Almost Lost Detroit (Gil Scott Heron)
6. Float Rite (Raj Mahal)
7. Devotion (Earth, Wind & Fire)
8. Rosary (Raj Mahal)
9. Mystic Sea Remix (Raj Mahal)
10. All I Want (Raj Mahal) / All I Need (Isley Brothers)
11. Get Dis Money - Wit the Key Remix (Slum Village) (prod. by Raj Mahal)
12. Heaven and Hell (Dorothy Ashby) / Hellish (Raj Mahal {flip})
13. Pwdre Ser (prod. by Osko & Raj Mahal)
14. Listen (Raj Mahal)



       iNSECT RADIO #12 P.U.D.G.E. - "GOIN TUFF 4EVER" (direct DL here)

This man, Pudge, is a force to be reckoned with. And this new mix, created for his family past, present and future, is something that requires repeat listening. One of the the flyest producer's we've ever had the good fortune to work with, puts it down for the iN.


1) Wherever u go - I Ced b/w
2) Forget - J-1 (We Love you Jovan)
3) Black Boy Fly - Kendrick Lamar
4) Ballad dressing - P.U.D.G.E.
5) The enemy - Quelle Chris
6) City Pop - Sum
7) Civilized - Ohbliv
8) Cry America - Malkovich ft. Omni
9) Needs - THEESatisfaction
10) aPProaching me - P.U.D.G.E.
11) I got a secret - Redman
12) Voodoo butchery - Roddy Rod
13) The Look of Love pt. 1 - Elaquent
14) Street Lite - J-1 b/w Show me what u got - Busta Rhymes
15) Castles - Houseshoes ft Jimetta rose
16) Sensous essence - P.U.D.G.E.
17) Fall in Love (Instrumental) - Slum Village b/w
18) Spring Winter Summer Fall - Blu ft. Jimetta Rose
19) Holy Mount Washington - The Gaslamp Killer ft. Computer Jay
20) Boat Cruise - Thundercat
21) Bilal's Boulder - BIlal Salaam
22) Nobody Cares about us - instro b/w T.R.O.Y. - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
23) I Miss Jay - Waajeed



       iNSECT RADIO #11 Beyond Luck "Alkaline Supplement Session"
      (direct DL here)

From Beyond Luck: "This is an all live jam set we did for Insect Records. A template for how we set up our live shows. All material is either in the moment/improv created or pre sequenced tracks with additional live scratching, effects, percussion looping etc by Dj Moppy & Radius"

Equipment Used: Turntables, Mpc 1000, Korg Kassilator, Korg Kaoss mini KP, Pioneer EFX 500


1. Untitled (studio live jam session)
2. Untitled (studio live jam session)
3. ______ - from Beyond Luck - og version available on Travelin' Music vol. 2 additional live cuts & sound fx by Beyond Luck
4. Radius- Cosmosis (live Beyond Luck jam version) og version on Radius Standing on Pluto debut 7" release
5. Beyond Luck - 7 wonders of the Sea (live Jam version *unreleased*)
6. Beyond Luck -Crowd Surf Steez (on upcoming Beyond Luck - Travlin' Music Vol. 3)
7. Beyond Luck - Take You On a Trip Ft. Myrna Zapatero & Kenny Keys (live improv jam version) ---> og version avail on Travelin music vol. 1 & our debut 7" release
8. LAGOS - That Storm (studio live jam session) original version on LAGOS(Radius & Leo 123) self titled Debut


       iNSECT RADIO BONUS Beyond Luck "Beyond Juke" (direct DL here)


       iNSECT RADIO #10 - NAMELESS "Finished A Beat: Part 2"
       (direct DL here)

Neck-snapping music from one of the best producers working right now. Out of Flint, Michigan, this mid-westerner shakes the ground he walks on with his kicks, and supplies some of the most-talented MCs with HEAT. For More information about Nameless and getting your neck checked go to:'


0:00 - Intro
0:16 - Energy
1:13 - Insane
2:00 - Keep It Moving [feat. Clear Soul Forces]
5:50 - Harmony
6:33 - Orange Faygo Kiss
7:51 - Mars + Saturn + Jupiter
8:56 - Shoutout from Nametag
9:16 - Raw-Dirty-Filth [feat. Nametag & Guilty Simpson]
11:50 - Flying Lotus & Thundercat "DMT Song" [NAMELESS RMX]
13:50 - BAXtards
14:32 - Pyramid Slap
15:59 - Level Up [feat. ScienZe, Maffew Ragazino & Dom O. Briggs]
19:35 - Today's World
21:03 - Oh My God, Oh!!!
22:38 - Thats Different
23:20 - Shoutout from Naledge
23:35 - H*es On My Mind [feat. Naledge & Sulaiman]
26:06 - XXLarge
26:49 - Skit #1
27:38 - SCHWEET
28:45 - Vinyl Warning [Lovely Indeed]
30:01 - Interlude [Singers Unlimited "Nature Boy"]
30:40 - Bounce Unlimited
31:52 - Unlimited Bounce [feat. Clear Soul Forces]
34:00 - Shoutout from Doc Illingsworth
34:26 - Buzzards [feat. Doc Illingsworth]
35:38 - Yo Gabba Stabba!!
36:50 - High Velocity Pitch
37:32 - Skit #2
38:33 - Rusty Keys
39:31 - Shoutout from House Shoes
40:08 - Dilla Nights
41:10 - Celebration [RMX][feat. Nametag & Ro Spit]
43:30 - Whatcha Want [feat. Nametag]
44:57 - Knuckle Up [feat. Clear Soul Forces]
48:00 - PASTOR [80's Baby RMX][feat. Quelle Chris & Doc Illingsworth]
50:09 - Shoutout from Vandalyzm
50:29 - Stylin' [feat. Vandalyzm]
53:35 - Untitled [feat. Edgar Allen
54:38 - Get Swung On
56:03 - Goodmorning [vs. Suzi Analogue]
57:09 - Errol To The Flynn
58:12 - Cake Boyz Outta Control
58:37 - Keep It Funky
1:01:27 - Story+To+Tell




       iNSECT RADIO Episode #9 - Reaganometry
       "Endangered Love Suite" (direct DL here)

This time around we have done three things a little differently for our podcast series.

We are releasing a song that didn't quite make our newest release IRS-012 instead of a mix.  It clocks in at a little over eight minutes, and  we are also releasing a video counterpart as well through our youtube and vimeo channels. iNSECT TV maybe? Anyways, we really hope you dig it.

Video was put together and filmed by Laurel Barickman for Recspec (

She is responsible for everything visual we do here at the (iN).

This song is (uN)released and originally was made up of three songs by Reaganometry. He just released a split 12" LP with our brother Butcher Bear (RIP). That LP, titled "R&B", is now available from here:


       iNSECT RADIO Episode #8 - Dakim  "Blue Fox & Vegetable Juice"
       (direct DL here)



El-Iqaa\\Diesel//Heatwave\\_____//_____\\_____//Oscar McClure x BOC\\The Dude//Triple F.A.T. Goose\\Electric Eddie talks//Kool Kieth & Hugh Whitaker\\mealslab//GB\\Plaid//Byrd\\DJ Primeminister//_____\\Wooden Ships//Green Llama\\To the Sun//Womack\\AHK //Georgia & Dudley\\Electric Eddie's Space Commercial

For more information about dakim go to his website:




       iNSECT RADIO Episode #7 - REZ  "Collage" ½ LP (direct DL here)

This is half of the new LP, "Collage" from the man, REZ.
REZ was born in Bandung, Indonesia, just outside of Jakarta.
In 2002 he moved to Inglewood, CA and then finally on to Houston.
His creative chops and sound-scapes flux into deep meditation. 
We think the best way to enjoy this is to hear it in full.
This is hip-hop. This is from the future. This is TEXAS.
All we can say after hearing this is, 'WHERE IS THE OTHER HALF?


0:00 - 2:33 Restart
2:34 - 4:53 GlueStick
4:54 - 7:07 Real Eyes
7:08 - 9:30 TrypTaMoon
9:31 - 11:38 Fondest
11:39 - 13:22 Ye.
13:23 - 16:18 Higher
16:19 - 18:38 Andromeda
18:39 - 20:00 Solitud





       iNSECT RADIO Episode #6: Wave Hands Like Clouds - "Plutonic
     Solids" (direct DL here)


1. Noah23 - Sea of the Infinite Wave (WHLC remix)
2. Wave Hands Like Clouds - The Fall of Venice (ft. Particle Kid)
3. Common-The Corner (WHLC remix)
4. Wave Hands Like Clouds - To Keep The Sound Generic
5. Wave Hands Like Clouds - Ascension Process
6. Trynotto - The Gasping Gaping Finger's Few
7. Wave Hands Like Clouds - The Veil Of Spring
8. Victoria Noll - Full Moon In Daylight (WHLC remix)

You can learn how to wave your hands like something Here:





       iNSECT RADIO Episode #5: Ras G "One Backwood Left"
       (direct DL here)


Jazzanova/Mono/Poly\Boredoms/Young Jazz Rebels\ Max Roach/Sun Ra\Kamau Daaood/D` Angelo\ Paul McCartney/Lamar Crawford\Ras_G/Ahu\ HouseShoes/Fertile Ground(Jneiro Jarel rmx)\Yuk/Sacred

For more information about Ras G,  you can find him here: 

       iNSECT RADIO Episode #4: SLAUTAH - "DETROIT DOJO      MUSIC" (direct DL here)


1. Rusty Chain - Guilty Simpson & Roc C (Ox 2 Tha D)
2. In This... - 87 (#)
3. Silver Charm - O1asEdSciz & Alius Pnukkl (%)
4. Over The Edge - J Kidd & Moe Dirdee (#)
5. Let Me Tell You (The D) - Slautah, Alius Pnukkl & Kawshus (%)
6. Let's Smoke One - Guilty Simpson (#)
7. Sound of Slautah - Slautah (A.R.E.S., prod. by Oznoh)
8. Elevation - Konphlict (&)
9. Be Cool - Slautah, Alius Pnukkl & J Kidd (#)
10. The Day After - Konphlict (&)
11. Talez #7 (*)
12. Talez #9 (*)
13. People Mover - Konphlict & Moe Dirdee (&)
14. Vices - B-Side (%)
15. Stories - Konphlict (&)
16. Earl Brewski II - Slautah, Kawshus & Guilty Simpson (%)
17. Outta My Head (*)
18. Roll Some Mo' (*)
19. Dangerous - A.R.E.S. feat. B-Side (Unstoppable, prod. Oznoh)

All songs produced by Slautah except #7 & #19

#=(Sourface Vol. 1) &=(He's The Producer, I'm The Emcee) *=(Detroit Dojo Music) %=(Unreleased)




       iNSECT RADIO BONUS: SLAUTAH & KONPHLICT - "Maximum      Karnage" w/Guilty Simpson and Supa Emcee (direct DL here)


BONUS CUT produced by SLAUTAH: "Maximum Karnage" - feat: Konphlict, Guilty Simpson & Supa Emcee. Taken from the LP Slautah & Konphlict "He's The Producer, I'm The Emcee"


       iNSECT RADIO Episode #3: CHANES - "(iN)TANGIBLES"
       (direct DL here)


Chanes - Slots [Exclusive]
Guilty Simpson - Word (Snippet) [Exclusive]
Chanes - Go Round [Exclusive]
Fatt Father - Talladega Nights
Chanes - Everybody Knows (featuring Lali Puna)
Marvwon - Green Light Work
Miz Korona - Playground (featuring Moe Dirdee)
Oncue - Changemaker
Chanes - 167 Clap
Kurupt - Chuccs (featuring Roscoe Umali & Styliztik Jones)
Moe Dirdee - Free Money (featuring Freeway & Clemmye)
Chanes - Premium [Exclusive]
Invy - The Statement [Exclusive]
Chanes - Of All Hearts
Moe Dirdee - You Don't Belong in Detroit
ShimEBangO - King Hippo
Miz Korona - Here We Are (Snippet) [Exclusive]
Chief - Assuming Power
Ketchphraze - Let it Go (featuring Jypsy) [Exclusive]
Chanes - Ghost Pro [Exclusive]

For more information about Chanes you can find him here:


       iNSECT RADIO Episode #2: Caioneach - West Of (direct DL here)


Clarke: Suite In D - Prince Of Denm*rk's March, "Trumpet Voluntary" Simon Preston
Pacific State - Original 8*8 State
Clarinet - Felipe Venegas
Kobra Dance Wigald B*ning
In The Upper Room :Dance 5 - Philip Gl*ss
Seabird-Ale*si Brothers
Repeat Again After Me (Ame Remix Edit) - Etienne J*umet
I Am Not A Human Being [Explicit] - Lil W*yne
Prelude I - John Kl*mmer
Moody's Mood For Love - King Ple*sure & Blossom Dearie
Blue Spring Shuffle - Kenny D*rham
Jump Into The Fire-LCD S*undsystem
Fire Woman- The C*lt
Light My Fire-Etta J*mes
Need you Tonight-P*nkin' Machine
Turned On to You-L*dies of the 80's
Whips and Furs-The Vibr*tors
Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Ni*htingale
I Only Know(What I Know Now)- James Bl*ke
Baker Man - Laid B*ck

For more information about Caioneach go here:



       iNSECT RADIO Episode #1: Dakim - Anthropilot Aviator State
       (direct DL here)


ras g // dkm \\ jbts // stereolab \\ AHK // dkm \\ dibia$e // dibia$e x anna caravelle // mealslab \\ dkm // baxter \\ dkm // you&dkm (intoinfinity) \\ audopilot blake // oscar mcclure \\ dkm // hall & oates \\ electricity // bun \\ dkm // resident alien \\ audopilot leaf // dkm \\ you&dkm // pu22l3 \\ dkm // audopilot pull………..

For more information about dakim go to his website:

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